Series FAQ

Q: Is this a mystery series?
A: Hmm.  No.  I’ve seen it categorized that way–many systems put the suspense genre as a subset of the mystery genre.  But I don’t personally feel that these are mysteries.  To me, they are romantic suspense or suspense.  You know early on who the culprit is, and you know what the stakes are–the big question is whether or not our heroes will defeat the menace and survive to tell the tale.  The second book has even more action & adventure than the first one.

There is a mystery component to both books.  But I wouldn’t say that is the defining element.

Q: Is Newton real?
A: Nope.


Q: Is Alexis Brooks based on any real violinist?
A: Nope.


Q: Isn’t it sort of a spoiler, naming this the Alexis Brooks series?
A: Well, maybe.  But then, I’ve always maintained that if you are paying attention in the scenes where Alexis and Dwight are introduced, you know immediately where each of them stands.

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