Book One Reviews

Reviews for Concerto

You can find reviews for Concerto at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Goodreads, LibraryThing, and more.  Here’s a sampling of what the readers are saying:

“I was lulled in by the musical writing and complex plot arrangements, and enthralled as the tempo increased to a fevered climax. Part romance, part mystery/thriller, this novel blends everything harmonically and with finesse…Overall, a fantastic book written by a pitch-perfect author.” — Goodreads user Karen Fowler (5 star review)

“…I enjoyed the well-written dialogue and the romance is enthralling…” — LibraryThing user Bibliophile87 (3 star review)

“…the novel is perfect. Sandra Miller made my nerves tingle.” — Amazon user Birchleaf (5 star review)

“Concerto would be a good first book in an ongoing series; it is an easy read that grabs the reader’s attention and holds it to the very last page.” — Bobbie Crawford McCoy, NurtureYourBooks (3 star review)

“The author keeps a constant element of suspense running throughout the story…This author has spent several years honing her craft and it shows. Aspiring writers…would do well in learning from this writer.”  –Kelly Gass, Washington County Observer

“Concerto is a fast paced murder mystery that captured the reader on page one. Once I started it was hard to put it down – a fun and easy read. Each of the characters seemed to come alive.” — Smashwords user S.T (5 star review)

“I liked it and did not want to stop still I finshed it. I was involved in the story so much that I was crying in part of it.” — Amazon user R. Laney (4 star review)

“This book has a lot of twists and turns. Just when you think you have figured it out it just turns again.” — LibraryThing user pupylov (3 star review)

“What great fun this mystery/thriller is!  I thoroughly enjoyed its pace and concise prose!” — Goodreads user DGoll (5 star review)

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