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29 Mar

I’d like to welcome you to the new Alexis-Brooks.com website, and thank you warmly for dropping by!  If you’re one of the few who visited the old website, you know what I am talking about when I say that it was something of an eyesore (and you could leave ‘something of’ out of that sentence and it would still be perfectly accurate 🙂 )  In a desperate attempt to stop hurting people’s eyes, I’ve moved the whole thing over to WordPress.

This is a transition in progress–most of the content from the old site is already here, plus some new stuff as well.  But I am still working on bringing over the character pages and the review pages.  I hope to have that complete in the next few days.

And in the future, this will be the first place to find out news and information on the Alexis Brooks Series.  There are even whispers of a Book Three, which may be in development at this time.  🙂  If you’d like to stay informed on the latest happenings, you can ‘follow’ this blog and any new posts will be delivered right to your email.

Thanks for visiting!  I hope to see you again soon!